Friday, December 16, 2011

The Long Road to Perfection of Satellite TV

For anybody that has experienced a satellite TV connection at their home or business for more than the last few short years, it is incredibly obvious just how far the technology and the service have come over the course of time since the beginning of the industry. Satellite television wasn't always the top-dog kind of service that it is today; to the contrary, satellite connections were widely looked down upon in the early days due to technical difficulties and a lack of quality-issues that many people thought would never actually be overcome! Yet satellite providers have proven to be kings of overcoming adversity and challenges, and today there is no doubting the fact that satellite TV is regarded as the most exclusive and most satisfactory television service of all, way above and beyond what cable companies are able to provide. It is no wonder, then, that satellite television has been sitting at the top of the customer satisfaction hill for nigh on a decade already, something which proves beyond the tiniest shadow of a doubt that there really is no beating satellite. Yet let's turn back the page and take a look at what things were like back then, when satellite technology had an uncertain future and people generally didn't have such pleasant things to say about the service.

Satellite TV connections only really became massively (commercially) available to the greater population beginning in the 1980s, and even then the conditions weren't exactly that great for satellite providers to go out and conquer the market. First and foremost, there was the issue of price holding people back: satellite connections were so costly that they were quite effectively and truthfully considered to be the sole option of the rich and wealthy, who were undoubtedly the bulk of the satellite TV customer base back in those early days. Also holding people back from jumping on the satellite bandwagon was the fact that installation was such a pain in the neck: in just about all cases, people had to take on the confusing and difficult task of setting up their satellite antenna, connecting all the appropriate cables and grounding equipment on their own-something that effectively reduced subscribers to those who were either technicians themselves or had the extra money to pay one to do the installation.

Beyond these introductory problems, satellite providers had another significant problem on their hands: the quality of the service itself. Customers widely complained about the fact that their signal was cut out or seriously interfered with by just about any kind of storm, or even just cloud cover passing overhead. This was even more of a deterrent for getting satellite TV than any of the issues mentioned above, and providers knew that they had to overcome such problems urgently or simply throw in the towel.

As it turns out, the industry managed to overcome its demons and finally provide subscribers with a premium service at a great price (and with no installation troubles either), and the growth in new subscriptions ever since has been simply phenomenal.

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